Following the statement put on the club website on the 26th October 2017, on behalf of the Committee we would like to make the following observations.
2 members of the committee were present at the meeting on the 21st October at the request of our members to ensure nothing was misinterpreted or misunderstood. They were not representing or advising the members. It has always been the Supporters Club policy to help, where possible, any member who has an ongoing query or dispute that they cannot solve.
The committee members did not hand Mr. Hopkin a copy of anything. Mr. Hopkin can confirm this. The paper in question was handed over to Mr. Hopkin by the members in, we believe, good faith.
We fully understood the seriousness of the situation and therefore had not divulged any information.
We would like to add that the members in question had several meetings with Mr. Hopkin and Mr. Bennett. At no time was Mr. Payne’s name ever mentioned in any of the meetings attended by the committee or our members. As observers at these meeting we can state categorically that at all times these members handled themselves with the utmost respect and fully believed that the e-mail was genuine and given to them in good faith.
There has been discussion about this situation on various websites but again the committee have not spoken to or given any information to the people using these sites.
We would like our members to be assured that the Supporters Club is 100pct committed to helping the club in any way.