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Travelers tales Hartlepool


The lone dagger.

We arrived in Hartlepool just after 1pm. Plenty of time for a drink then!
I made my way to the corner flag which is a bar run by Hartlepool supporters club. I was informed that away supporters are welcome, so made my way to the bar. With a pint in hand i turned to face the many home fans. No one seemed interested in me. This was dispite being the only daggers fan there. Hence the lone dagger.

On the wall was a plaque with a monkey with a rope around its neck. What is that i asked! Jim was immediately sent from his table to tell me the tale.
Back in napoleonic times the English were fearful of a french invasion. So when a french ship was struggling in heavy seas off the Hartlepool people all went to the sea front to see what was going on. The ship broke up and with the wreckage that came ashore was a monkey dressed in french naval uniform. At this point you need to understand that no one in Hartlepool had ever seen a french man or a monkey. So the monkey was hung as a spy.

At this point jim invited me to his table. I scanned the table for rope and not seeing any followed him back to his table where i met jack and john. After 10 minutes i felt very much at home and when jim said would i swop scarves i agreed to do so. What a great time. I can say that Hartlepool fans are some of the best i have ever met on my travels with the daggers.

At 2.45pm i entered the ground. Had a meat and potato pie and a bovril. I paid under a fiver so reasonably priced and probably the best pie for a very long time.
The loos were fairly clean and much better than the porta cabins experienced at some grounds.

We had no real traffic problems on the coach there or on the return journey.

This for me,is the best away game i have been to despite our loss.

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Richard Ball
PR secretary.