Following the forum last month Glyn Hopkins has followed through his idea and has asked the Supporter Club Members to submit their ideas on what the away kit should be next season. Obviously the board will make the final decision.

I have put some blank shirt and stocking copies in the Supports Club Office which can be picked up from tomorrow, the Sutton game. This is a golden opportunity to help build bridges and show we are all working to the same ends. League football.

I need all entries in by the END NOVEMBER 2017. Each entry must have your membership number and name on it otherwise it will not go forward. You may submit two entries.

This is our chance to have some involvement and I sincerely hope you will all rise to the occasion and get your designs in. If you have any questions please contact me. I think you all have my contact details anyway but I am always in the office match days.

Good Luck!!


Brenda Monaghan